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Must-use Features for Health Care Facilities

Must-use Features for Health Care Facilities

Charlie Bedell

Your healthcare organization needs not only an advanced scheduling tool but also one that meets all the patient privacy and compliance requirements you’re held to. It’s difficult to find these needs combined in one software, but TimeTap can offer you both — a scheduling software that’s ready for your most complex scheduling with full HIPPA compliance. Here are a few must-use features healthcare organizations find helpful for streamlining their appointment booking process.

Custom Booking Forms

If your front office staff are still managing paper forms, it’s time to update. Our software offers online custom booking forms that can be fully configured as patient intake forms. This means your organization gets the patient information you need during the appointment booking process without hurrying patients through filling out important information. Studies have shown that there is a great need to automate many of the processes in the healthcare industry in order to save time on paperwork and other manual tasks.

Unlike many online scheduling tools, TimeTap allows you to create unlimited custom form fields in your booking form. Other tools limit you to a patient’s name, email address, and a handful of custom fields, but with our software, you can build a booking form that requires the exact information you need from clients. When clients book an appointment, their intake information is saved directly to the appointment details for your staff to access when needed.

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Additionally, if your organization requires patients to sign waivers or other agreements, we offer the ability to build custom digital forms. Attach these forms to the booking form, email confirmations, or send manually to patients, and patients can download, sign, and return them to you all online and in your account.

Imagine what your organization would be like without paper intake forms — it's possible with TimeTap!

Screening questions

Many organizations have prerequisites to booking an appointment — especially for new patients. In these situations, our automatic screening question feature is useful to make sure patients meet all necessary requirements before they gain access to your schedule.

You can enter as many custom screening questions as you need, and patients will be required to answer them before they can book an appointment with you. If a patient doesn’t meet the screening question requirements, you can create a customized message guiding patients to next steps, explaining how to meet the requirements, or simply letting them know they can’t book an appointment.

Our screening question function ensures patients understand the needed qualifications for booking an appointment and how to meet those requirements. It can also save you and your staff the hassle of ensuring every patient meets your booking requirements and deleting unqualified appointments.

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Automated text and email messaging

Your patients value regular communication with your organization — and you want to easily keep patients informed and up to date. Getting in touch with every patient for every appointment can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer automated text and email messages for any type of communication your organization needs to have with patients.

You can schedule customized, automatic confirmation and reminder email and text messages to be sent to patients for every appointment. This reduces the number of patients who are late or no-shows — keeping your staff and schedule running smoothly. And, it saves your organization time and money by limiting missed appointments. It’s also a good opportunity to remind patients of any items they need to bring or any instructions to follow before their appointment time.

In addition to messages sent to confirm and remind patients of their appointment, you can also set up recall campaigns in your account. These automated messaging campaigns allow you to create as many messages as needed that go out to patients before or after an appointment. They are completely customizable and can work for any situation: providing pre- or post-appointment information, reminding patients to schedule annual appointments, or advertising other doctors, locations, or service providers that your organization offers.

Use our software to completely automate your organization’s messaging to clients, saving your staff the time to work on other important tasks.

Multiple physician calendars

Your office is busy! You have multiple doctors and nurses with different schedules and patients who need to get an appointment at a time that works with their hectic schedules. Scheduling can get complicated quickly, so you need a scheduling tool that is built to meet this demand.

While other online scheduling software may allow you to create multiple calendars, they aren’t always advanced enough to combine those calendars into one booking page. With TimeTap, you combine multiple doctor and nurse calendars into a single booking page. Patients can see your organization’s full availability when booking an appointment, and easily book an appointment with either a preferred physician or choose the one with the best availability.

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Have more than one location? Our software comes with multiple features that allow you to schedule appointments at your different locations and even set up a master account to manage each location’s scheduling site. We also offer a zip code filter to direct patients to the nearest location. We even offer the ability to set tiered accounts with a master account that has admin control and visibility into multiple booking pages for various departments or locations in your business.

With our API, we can work with your organization to meet complex scheduling requirements that may involve booking appointments with multiple doctors and specialists in a coordinated effort - such as surgery.

Patient database management

Booking appointments is important, but your organization also needs an easy, secure way to manage patient information. Appointment details are quickly accessible by your staff from their account when they need it. With our patient database tools, you can add category tags and filter the information. The feature saves information that is collected when booking appointments and stores it in your account database. You can run reports to view aggregates of information collected or view specific patient information.

Once the appointment is over, we offer an API that can link to your organization’s third-party record-keeping software to send and store patient information to the correct platform.

We also know that patient privacy is of utmost importance. In addition to meeting HIPPA requirements, we also offer security roles that allow you to assign your staff varying levels of access to your TimeTap account. This ensures patient information is only available to staff who need it.

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When you use TimeTap, you can be confident that it can scale with your organization’s needs while protecting patients’ privacy at the highest standard. Join many other healthcare organizations that rely on TimeTap to simplify and streamline their appointment booking process!

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