Send Appointment Details to your Salesforce CRM

No more double data entry between your appointment management tool and Salesforce

Create events in Salesforce from TimeTap Appointments

Keep your CRM up to date by automatically sending client and lead data with event information into Salesforce
Easily send client and event information to Salesforce

You've got all of your lead and customer data sitting in Salesforce, so naturally you don't want your appointment system existing in a vacuum! That's why TimeTap has an easy integration with Salesforce so you can make sure all the systems that matter to running your business stay in sync.

As soon as an appointment is booked in TimeTap, we'll update your Salesforce client data with the new event and whatever data you want to send about it. You can even add our booking widget as a page within your Salesforce account so you can easily schedule client appointments from it.

2-Way Integration

Not only can you send appointments from TimeTap to Salesforce as events, you can also login to Salesforce and use TimeTap's embeddable booking widgets to make appointments.

Capture the Data You Care About

You can customize your booking intake form however you'd like and map that data to your client record in Salesforce.

Eliminate double data entry!

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