Add Multiple Staff Schedules

Create separate appointment calendars for each of your staff members

See it all in one place

When you have multiple co-workers who need scheduling, it’s a pain to have to start a separate account for each person’s appointments. With TimeTap, you can add all of your co-workers to your account and manage all of the appointments for your organization from one login!

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Get all your staff's schedules in sync

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Manage all appointments centrally with TimeTap's scheduling system

Let Staff manage their own bookings

It’d be one thing to manage your schedule if you were just a one man shop, but when you’ve got a slew of other colleagues to consider...well that just sounds like a logistical nightmare.

One of your fellow staff members is available from 9am - 12pm for appointments. Another is available from 1pm - 3pm. Yet another is available from 11am - 5pm. Forget about the rest of them; my head is already spinning!

With an easy booking app, you can add all of your colleagues and let them set up their own crazy schedules. Once they’ve got their availability plugged in, you won’t have to keep up with it anymore. Clients will just be able to see what appointment times they have available without you trying to relay all the different, confusing schedules for each of your co-workers.

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Easy Staff Management

Manage multiple staff with their own individual profiles, calendar views, and logins.

Personalize staff profiles

Add a profile shot and a bio for each of your staff so your clients can easily see which person they are booking with. If it’s a new client who doesn’t know any of your staff, they can also choose “No Preference” to see the availability for all of your staff and be automatically assigned to one who’s available.

Send Staff-specific emails

Customize the footer of any appointment emails based on the staff member the client booked with. Provide contact information or include a short bio of the staff member to help your client feel like they know who they’re working with. Make it easy for clients to know how to get in touch with your staff!

Different Access based on Security Levels

Assign your staff different security levels based on what information they need access to in TimeTap. If you’re afraid that some of your staff may poach other staff’s clients, simply assign them the lower security level and all they’ll be able to see is their own clients and their own schedule.

Add Office Assistants to help manage your account

Create profiles for your receptionist or office assistant so that they can logon to help you manage your schedule. Even if they don’t accept appointments themselves, they can still login to check clients in for their appointments, pull reports on your monthly bookings, and add in vacations to block off booking.

Scheduling software that affords success with managing appointments

Stop bearing the brunt of the blame

It happens to everyone. Your colleague told you over lunch he was going to be out one afternoon next week for a doctor’s appointment, but when you got back to your desk you’d already forgotten. Eventually someone books an appointment for that afternoon and suddenly you’re at fault for not remembering to add in the vacation.

With TimeTap, your colleagues won’t have this excuse. It’s easy for all of your staff to login on their own, enter in their time off, and immediately block booking for that time period.

Appointment management shouldn’t cause rifts in your organization, and with an easy booking system built for your business, it doesn’t have to.

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Frequently asked questions for mutliple staff scheduling

Multiple Staff FAQs

No, there is no limit to the number of staff you can include on any premium TimeTap account. The software will work for you if you have just 2 staff in your organization that take appointments or if you have 100 staff that take appointments.

Each additional staff member costs $5/month in our TimeTap Plus account. Our TimeTap Free account is limited to just 1 staff member. For full details on the cost of our premium plans, please visit our pricing page.

We have a lot of users that don’t use the multiple staff feature as a way to add appointments to multiple people’s calendars. For instance, we have several tanning bed facilities that have each of their different tanning bed rooms set up as a staff to allow clients to book into each of those rooms separately. Staff’s just the term we use, but you can be creative & use the feature in whatever way works best for your business.

You can select which services each of your staff offers from their staff profiles. Your staff do not all have to offer the same services or classes. You can just specify which service is offered by which staff to make sure staff don’t get booked for a service they can’t offer.

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