Create Customizable Booking Forms

Be prepared for your appointments by getting the information you need from clients up front
Collect what matters by building client profiles

If it doesn’t matter to your business, then don’t collect the information

Most software systems you use have standard fields that you can’t change, even if you really don’t care about them. If you work with students, then it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to collect a “work phone” number. If you work with clients in your office, then maybe you don’t care to collect their home address.

Whatever the case may be for your business, with TimeTap, you can customize your client profiles and appointment booking forms to collect just the information you care about.

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Get clients booked faster for more calendar appointments

The fewer fields a client has to fill out, the more likely they are to book. Without all the unnecessary fields most scheduling software forces you to have, you’ll get a higher conversion rate on your appointments.

Customize your appointment scheduler to match your business

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Create private fields on a client profile for staff use

Create private fields just for staff

There’s some information that it makes more sense to fill in after the appointment takes place. This could be notes or just standard follow up stuff. Either way, you can create fields for just your staff to see and use.

Create mandatory or optional fields for appointment booking

Mandatory or Optional Fields

Your booking forms can be created with different levels of requirements in order to complete booking. Some information may just be a nice-to-have while other fields on your easy booking forms are absolute must-haves.

See selected client or appointment fields on your Google Calendar

See fields on your Google Calendar

You can set up your Google Calendar sync to display any of the fields you are interested in seeing. View any of the custom information about a client or appointment right from your personal calendar, too.

Add hints and adjust labels for online appointments

Add hints & adjust labels

Want to ask for a client’s “Mobile” number instead of their “Cell” number? You can easily swap out the labels that are applied to your custom fields. Add hints beneath your fields to give clients suggestions on how to format their answers.

Get advertising feedback when clients make appointments

Get feedback on your advertising

You can get direct feedback on your marketing efforts by asking clients questions like “How did you first hear about us”. They can choose their answer from a list of available responses or enter in something of their own.

Numerous field type options

Customize your scheduling process so it make sense for the clients booking with your business. Choose from drop down menus, text area responses, checkbox forms, or even date selectors to create your custom booking forms.

Create custom booking forms for appointment making

Bring a greater sense of organization & calm to your business

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