25 Small Business Ideas to Start From Home

25 Small Business Ideas to Start From Home

Nahla Davies

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more people invested in a new business in the third quarter of 2020 than any other time. You, like many others, might be ready to start your own venture. Or, maybe you would like an affordable side gig while keeping your 9-5 job.

While jumping on new home business trends can be risky, it can also be significantly rewarding if you do your due diligence and step in carefully. The truth is, if you aren’t about that 9-to-5 life, home-based businesses are an excellent alternative.

To help you find the most appropriate one, here is a roundup of some profitable and most manageable home-based business ideas, from one-off side jobs to gigs that will grow your business. It can be overwhelming to determine the most viable job options to pursue, but these ideas will help you get started.

1. Printing on-demand

If you are on the lookout for a successful business idea, print-on-demand services are easy to set up and always needed. It involves selling your customized designs on different items such as mugs, t-shirts, and phone cases without printing the artwork yourself.

As an alternative, you can partner with vendors who print your unique design on their goods. They even bundle and transport the product to your clients. You only have to pay when you have successfully sold the products. In terms of marketing, collaborating with social media influencers to endorse your items is a practical way to reach the target audience for your business.

2. Cosmetology

Having the skills to cut hair, give manicures, and do makeup enables you to offer home services, which is a great way to start your salon. Having a home-based salon can be rewarding since you will not have to pay rent for a salon space. But be sure to abide by all of your state's requirements for starting salon care services from your home, as the rules can be stringent.

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3. App development

If you are technically inclined, one of the best business ideas is app development. Most businesses these days require bespoke apps, and you can make these for next to no cost, thanks to affordable developers and tools.

According to one recent survey, 57% of developers have less than five years of experience, so don’t be afraid to take the leap even if you are fairly new to the game. That’s how you get experience, and you can lower your fees initially and then raise them commensurate with experience. Today, you can leverage software apps to create mockups and wireframes before deciding to publish the application.

4. Electronics repair

Another good option for all those techies out there, repairing electronics like laptops, phones, or tablets can provide you with a great deal of business. Mobile device users regularly search for cost-effective ways to get their smashed screens fixed, unlock locked cell phones, and other repairs that can be expensive if fixed by the manufacturer.

5. Content writing

Nearly every organization needs marketing experts to help build an online presence through blogs, product descriptions, emails, etc. A copywriting or content writing company can be one of the most lucrative business ideas you can opt for as long as you have the talent for the written word.

You can find your first few customers at Problogger Jobs, BloggingPro, and There are various ways to make an excellent first impression on customers, like offering custom graphics or keyword optimization as part of a broader spectrum of services.

6. Website flipping

Website flipping refers to buying an already live/running website, refining its content and design, and then marketing it for a profit. There are several platforms that allow you to buy and sell sites to make an income. For instance, Shopify's marketplace Exchange enables you to buy ecommerce sites that you can augment via SEO, content marketing, and other strategies and then resell when the site starts to generate more revenue.

7. Translation services

Multilingual professionals are always sought-after, so if you are fluent in speaking or writing a few languages, think about setting up a small venture to monetize those skills. You can look for freelance clients on sites like Flexjobs and Upwork and gradually build your portfolio.

As you work successfully with more companies, you can also recruit more translators who have expertise in other languages to reduce the burden. It is also good to promote your business on social media sites, helping you reach a broader audience base.

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8. Home-based catering

If you see cooking as a creative opportunity, starting a home-based catering service is a good option that can help you generate a decent income. The venture's initial investment is contingent on the scale you want your setup to be. For instance, you can start the business for less if you begin with smaller events to manage independently.

Many home-based caterers create a website first and experiment with the local food markets or join platforms that let cooking experts squeeze some earnings from their culinary skills.

9. Email marketing

Email marketing involves knowing how to write compelling subject lines that entice the recipients to open and read through the email. You'll find various companies requiring help with their email strategies. When you demonstrate that skill of appealing to the readers, clients will want to hire you for your email marketing services to help them build and grow their email contact lists.

The only startup costs for this business are investing in the best email marketing tools that will help you automate your communications while ensuring precision and desired outcomes.

10. Career coaching

With a saturated job landscape and rising unemployment, there is no shortage of individuals who want to know their professional purpose so they can pursue careers that speak to them. Consider a career in coaching to help others figure out the best career option for them, traits of a good candidate, how to ace an interview, and more.

You can search for clients on platforms like Facebook,, etc. The best part about this venture is that you can earn income by only conducting a few hours of sessions per month.

11. Virtual dance workshops

The advantages of a virtual dance workshop are pretty apparent. You don't need to rent a studio space, and it's suitable to record, share, and publish the choreography at your own discretion. Additionally, there's no restriction on the number of people you can register with within your class/session.

When starting a virtual dance studio, it is vital to invest in video conferencing platforms like Zoom. You'll also require high-speed internet and connectivity to ensure no buffering or lags during the live stream. Also, make sure to organize enough classes every month to keep your students engaged and fit.

12. Video production

Studies show that 85% of U.S. internet users watch videos monthly. And with more videos being watched every day, there's undoubtedly a need for individuals who can record, edit, cut, and publish them. You can generate video content for branded YouTube channels, wedding videography, and more.

The initial investments in this business include a lighting set, a camera or cameras, wireless microphones, and editing apps like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere. While there is no limitation to the types of projects you can do, focusing on a niche will make it easier for you to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

13. Software education

If you know how to operate and debug issuers with computer software, you can set up your own software education platform and register students every month. Interested candidates might include business leaders and entrepreneurs who want to build on their IT-related skills or other people looking to master abilities for software like PowerPoint and Excel.

As your business scales and more people enroll for your programs, you can consider hiring freelance software professionals to train students based on their respective areas of expertise. Even though you can rent a space for tutorial lectures if you want to, think about hosting online classes to keep costs low and expand your services to global markets.

14. Graphic design

Companies are always searching for competent graphic designers to create engaging advertisements, logos, websites, posters, and more. While you can be a completely self-taught graphic designer, most have a degree or a certification.

Apart from the design software of your choice, this has minimal overhead costs, and you can do it with a dedicated computer irrespective of where you are. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, graphic designers typically have an average salary of $52,110, though many make more on freelance platforms.

15. Bookkeeping

Starting a bookkeeping business is a good idea for accountants who want to work from home. However, it isn't necessary to be a Certified Public Accountant to become a self-employed bookkeeper. You'll need the specialized knowledge from bookkeeping courses you can enroll in at your local community college.

This type of freelance work is particularly helpful for small businesses that can't afford in-house accounting staff, which makes it plausible for you to work full-time even if it’s through various smaller clients.

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16. Digital event planning

As an event planner, you can organize, plan, and report on various digital events like online summits and webinars for different companies. You can earn income by charging a fee on an hourly basis for your service, charge by project, or sell sponsorships. You can leverage an online scheduling tool to better keep yourself organized so you never miss an event.

17. Organization

If you like to reorganize rooms and closets for fun, you can service disorganized and harried businesses and individuals. To start this, consider creating a Facebook page/group or a simple website to promote your services. Also, you can post advertisements on local social media platform pages or channels like Craigslist.

18. Grant writing

Hospitals, universities, non-profits, and other community groups all require grant money to fund their operations. However, grants are notoriously complicated to draft for the initial time. So, if you have this expertise, you can operate a profitable freelance grant-writing business. The typical fee structure for grant writers varies by arrangement and industry.

19. Herb farming

For some people, gardening can be both a calming and lucrative job. With both the demand for organic and locally grown foods and the increased attention to alternative therapies, a herb farming business can find many customers, specifically if you are residing in an urban area.

While herb farmers do require particular space for growing, herbs are comparatively small, and you can grow them in almost any part of your home to allow for an all-encompassing herb garden.

20. Tutoring

An educational background is helpful but not compulsory for tutors. All you need is competent skills in a specific area(s) of study and the ability to help others understand it. With a sound knowledge in a particular topic such as math, programming, or a foreign language, you can help students of all ages perform better in their classes and make some good income simultaneously.

You can market your services in your neighborhood and even reach out to different schools in the vicinity, but there are also online platforms to offer this service.

21. Music lessons

Teaching guitar, piano, violin, or taking singing lessons from your home is a well-established method to earn additional income. While people can easily take music lessons in person, some websites allow you to market your services or teach music online as well. Some of the best platforms include Take Lessons and Live Music Tutor.

22. Daycare

This is a specifically good business idea for stay-at-home individuals who want to make some money. Keep in mind that licensing for home daycare differs from state to state, so make sure that you follow and comply with all the local regulations. Also, as with any job that deals with children, be sure to insure yourself so as to avoid issues in the case of an emergency.

23. Making homemade goods

If you like to spend time in your workshop, selling your wares can be an excellent avenue for generating some extra income. A platform like Etsy is a good place to sell without requiring a physical outlet. All you have to do is sign up for an account, take photos of your creations, and set a price. Then, you only have to leave your house when you need to ship your products to the customers.

24. Mystery shopping

For many individuals, the idea of being paid to do shopping is a perfect scenario. There are various mystery shopping scams to be careful of, so make sure you never accept a gig that needs an upfront fee. It is a good sign that it's not legit. But if navigated properly, mystery shopping can still pay well.

25. Landscape design

If you are excited about landscaping your yard, the home-based business for landscape design might be the perfect option for you. You can practice for yourself and friends and learn to master it by finding a part-time hustle with a good landscaping company. Then, you can start to build your customer base from there.

Wrapping up

So there you have it, twenty-five small business ideas to start from home that can help you earn a stable income stream. To give yourself optimal chances of success, concentrate on one venture at a time until you find the one that aligns with your abilities. Tons of people have implemented these ideas and have been successful, so you can confidently put your effort and time into something proven and viable.

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