Powerful Class Scheduling

Spend less time registering clients for your class & more time preparing

No more passing the attendance sheet around

That paper attendance sheet is so old school. With TimeTap, you can check clients in right as they arrive so you know who’s on time & who’s late.

Take attendance for classes with TimeTap's class scheduling system

Make Class Scheduling Easy & Fun!

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Central class management

Keep everything you need for your class schedule in one central location.

Don’t bounce between platforms and systems for managing class details & student information. Class scheduling lets you quickly add, edit, & cancel class sessions.

We’ll keep your roster updated as students or clients sign up for your class sessions. As your class reaches its max capacity we will automatically close enrollment so you never get more clients than you can handle.

Need to send out last minute updates? We’ve got you covered there, too. Simply select which of the attendees on your roster you want to email and quickly compose a message to them.

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Class Scheduling that's as easy as it is powerful

Walk-in Students are No Problem

Let your clients be spontaneous. If they decide to walk-in at the time your class starts, you can quickly get them added to your class roster. Your records can stay up-to-date even when your clients don't pre-register.

Export your roster at Any Time

There’s no need to open up a fresh spreadsheet and type-out all of the attendees for your class into it. Easily export the list of clients coming to your class at any time. It beats rushing around getting your roster ready 5 minutes before your class starts!

Double-Bookings aren't a Concern

Whenever you’re busy with a class, we’ll block off your time so no one can book you for a 1-on-1 appointment. You’ll feel less stressed in prepping for your class knowing that your schedule is squared away.

You Control the Capacity

Some classes you may only want to allow for 2 of your clients to book into. Other classes, you may be comfortable with up to 200 people registering. With TimeTap, your class capacity is your decision. We’ll support you whether you are offering intimate group appointments or large scale ones.

Get Classes Schedule without all the Stress.

Get a web scheduler on your site today! Start your 14-day free trial. No credit card required. Sign Up Free
View staff schedules easily to decrease time spent on class management

View Schedules for Staff Members

No need to email your staff members to see when they have open seats in their classes. Any of your account administrators can view their schedules & session dates from their logins. Cut down on communication gaps & stay up to date in real time.

Grade when you're ready by scheduling & tracking attendees easily

Grade when you’re ready

Schedule & track attendees for your classes in a snap. Use your extra time to make lesson plans, grade assignments, or take a much deserved break! Don't take on more stress by staying late at work getting your roster ready. We've already got that taken care of.

Open & Close Enrollment in a Snap

Don’t want to let clients schedule into one of your class sessions? Simply close enrollment for that session and clients won’t be able to any longer. You can still add attendees through your TimeTap login, but clients won’t be able to register themselves.

A convenient Online Planner for your Class Schedule.

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