Add Repeating Appointments

Increase your ability to attract and retain more clients through repeating appointments
Clients can schedule standing appointments in advance

Schedule your clients as far out as you need to

& let your clients manage any changes they need to make

Some clients prefer scheduling standing appointments weeks or months in advance. Our scheduling system takes their preference to heart.

Create standing appointments for clients that you meet with on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Once you add the appointments to your schedule, other clients won’t be able to book that same spot so your chances of double-bookings vanish.

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Minimize Inbox Clutter

Keep your clients’ inboxes clean by sending only one email about your standing appointment with a summary of all your appointment times.

One Email to Rule Them All

We send out a single email with all the dates & times listed for your standing appointment so your client isn't bombarded with dozens of emails at once.

Send Reminders for each Booking

Just because you meet with a client every week doesn’t mean she’ll remember it each time. Send clients a reminder for each time you’re meeting with them.

Or turn off reminders

Some clients get tired of getting a reminder for each of their weekly bookings (picky-picky!). If that’s the case, just turn off reminders for that client & you’re good to go.

Make Managing Standing Appointments Easier.

Get a web scheduler on your site today! Start your 14-day free trial. No credit card required.

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Schedule appointments efficiently by booking online

Save Time, Book Fast with Your Appointment Maker

You can schedule repeating appointments in just a few clicks. You’ll save hours on managing your schedule while getting nominated for Service Provider of the Year

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Get Repeating Class Sessions booked

Set up the schedule that you offer your group-sessions (or classes) on and let clients book into as many as they’d like right from your website. Your classes will be full before you know it!

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Set up a schedule and take appointments in advance for group sessions

Make a schedule online so your clients can easily book with you.

Get a web scheduler on your site today! Start your 14-day free trial. No credit card required.

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