Easy Course Registration

Let clients book into multi-day courses or seminars in just a few clicks

Manage Course Bookings

Let clients schedule into multi-day sessions to complete your courses.

Courses allow your business to easily offer programs that span multiple days and times. As clients look for the time that's right for them, they'll be registered for each session simultaneously.

As clients register for your course, we’ll keep tabs on how much more room your course has left. Once the course is completely full, we’ll close enrollment so you never exceed the capacity you can handle.

Plus, you can customize each session that you add to let clients know exactly what material is getting covered each time you’re meeting. Course management never looked so easy!

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Max out enrollment for your courses!

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Manage Course Registrations without all the stress

Screen clients ahead of time

If your clients need to complete pre-requisites before booking into certain courses, you can use screening questions to make sure they qualify for the course they're trying to sign up for.

Export your registrants list

Have a complete list of registrants who have signed up for your course ready to go when your course starts. You can mark them as checked in and completed for each session so you've got a full list of who actually made it to each course session.

In person or Virtual

Set your courses to take place wherever you want to offer them. Whether that's a course run primarily through Google Hangout or if you're meeting in person at a specific classroom.

Full Rescheduling Control

If clients have to reschedule one of their sessions to another date or time, make sure they reschedule to the equivalent session in another course you're offering. By making reschduling strict you can keep clients from accidentally rescheduling to a session they've already attended.

Schedule into all sessions in one go

No more confusing registration processes. Show clients the times you're meeting for the course and have them book into all times in one click.

Show clients the different dates and times you're offering your courses

Get your courses under control.

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