5 Ways TimeTap Can Automate Your Appointment Booking

5 Ways TimeTap Can Automate Your Appointment Booking

Steven Borders

Scheduling appointments is usually a good thing - it means you are getting business done. Whether you are booking patient visits, sales calls, classes or any other type of appointment, you need an appointment booking solution that makes scheduling easy. Because the last thing you need is to be hassled with having to manage your scheduling and booking duties.

With a robust scheduling tool like TimeTap, we provide lots of features that help automate so much of the scheduling process. If your appointment booking solution is not automating your scheduling, consider switching to TimeTap to make your scheduling easy. Here are four ways that our tool automates your appointment scheduling – so that you don’t spend too much time managing your appointment scheduling duties.

Automatic Text and Email Messaging

When you’ve got multiple appointments to manage, the last thing you want to do is take the time to email each person reminder or follow up emails. Fortunately, we take care of sending texts and emails by automating the process for you. With our scheduling system, you don’t have to worry about managing communications with clients or prospects because our system knows exactly what your desired next action is and takes care of that process for you. Our system can be setup to automatically generate custom reminder, confirmation, cancellation, no-show and follow up texts or emails to clients. We cover all your appointment messaging needs.

Reminder Notifications

With our appointment booking solution, you can set when you’d like to have appointment reminder texts or emails sent to clients to help reduce no shows. Re-scheduling or canceling appointments can be easily done by selecting the option in the reminder message. We’ll even send you a notification if your appointment gets cancelled or rescheduled. It’s the hassle free way to handle scheduling changes.

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Cancellation Notifications

Feeling sick and need to cancel appointments that people booked with you? It’s super easy to cancel and we’ll take care of notifying those who booked appointments with you. You can even include a custom note in the email, if you’d like to explain the reason for cancelling.

No-Show Messages

Additionally, sometimes people miss appointments. You can easily mark an appointment as a no-show and we’ll automatically reach out to the client or customer to let them know. This provides an easy way to notify customers or prospects and give them an opportunity to contact and follow up with you about things.

Post-Appointment Messages

For those who do make the appointment, we make it easy to auto-generate follow up emails. This is a great opportunity to send your thanks to clients for their business, or to send a follow up message that keeps clients or prospects engaged with any next steps or helpful information that you’d like to provide.

Automated Email Campaigns

Sometimes there are instances when you need to schedule reminders that get sent to clients when it’s time to schedule their next appointment or set up automated messaging triggers. With our recall campaigns, you can set up reminders to clients to remind them about scheduling their next appointment.

Automated email triggers are a great way to boost engagement and client retention. These reminders are also a great way of directing clients about a potential next step. You can set the action and amount of time in scheduling when these emails are sent to customers and prospects as a way of scheduling follow-up meetings or additional next steps. This way, you don’t have to set reminders to follow up with clients or prospects. With our recall campaigns, you can automate the process and not worry about keeping track.

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Online Custom Booking Site

You need to automate your scheduling as well. No need to constantly manage emails and phone calls for booking appointments - simply build a custom booking page that matches your company branding. You can share the URL to the booking page on your website or embed the page directly. List available times for appointments and our system will display the available appointment times for customers to select.

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Have multiple staff schedules? With our team plans, you can add a selection for booking appointments between multiple staff in your organization. This is the perfect way to consolidate the appointment booking for your entire organization into one page. Whether you are a medical practitioner, a financial advisor or in any other professional service field, TimeTap is a robust scheduling platform that can scale to an entire organization.

With our flexible scheduling, each staff member can customize their working hours. This way, you put the power in the hands of each staff member to create unique availability and to block out times for breaks, vacations or administrative duties.

Travel Time Calculator

You are a busy person, and your line of work calls for traveling to various meetings with prospects and clients. So, you need to plan a buffer between meetings to account for travel time. After all, you can’t book a meeting across town and instantly be back in the office for your next time slot, and you can’t afford to cut a meeting short with a client just because you didn’t allocate enough cushion time between appointments.

With our Travel Time Calculator, our system will use Google Maps to calculate the travel time between appointments when they are held in different locations, and automatically adjust your availability to accommodate for travel time. This way, you don’t have to constantly bring up your calendar and build in extra time between appointments.

Automated Waitlist

Sometimes cancellations happen, but that can also create a hassle when you’re trying to fill a cancelled appointment. This can lead to phone tag or a lot of back and forth emails. That’s why we offer an automatic waitlist feature.

This is especially helpful when you offer a class or other service session. If you have a fully booked class, you can make a waitlist available. This way interested customers can be automatically notified about openings whenever a cancellation takes place. Anytime someone cancels their slot in your class, our system will automatically generate an invitation to waitlist members to book the vacant slot. This makes it easy to keep your classes fully booked, and you’ll never have to worry about cancellations leading to empty spots in a class session.

This is just the beginning of our powerful appointment scheduling customizations. TimeTap is a powerful booking solution that allows you to put in place a scheduling solution that automates so much of your appointment scheduling process. It’s easy to make changes and set up custom preferences to keep your business moving forward without getting overwhelmed with scheduling duties.

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