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Case Study: Plasticity Centers

Case Study: Plasticity Centers

TimeTap Team

About Plasticity Centers

Plasticity Centers is an industry leader in neurological rehabilitation, using innovative therapy regimens that address the specific needs of each client. Whatever the cause of neurological impairments, their cutting-edge diagnostic approach allows them to pinpoint and measure the problems and rehabilitate clients to significant improvement.

The challenge

Like many other medical facilities and offices, Plasticity Centers used one appointment booking system to handle all its scheduling needs. But while 1-on-1 client sales calls were easy to schedule, medical appointments required much more coordination. For example, a client coming in for a series of treatments might need a doctor, a technician, a room, and a set of equipment every day for one week, between the hours of 9-11 a.m. For this type of complex medical scheduling, a more feature-rich and powerful appointment scheduling software was needed.

“There’s a sales scheduling software for booking consultations, and then there’s a medical appointment software for scheduling patients’ sessions. TimeTap offers great customization features to help tackle both,” says, Romeo Hendricks, the Technology Coordinator at Plasticity Centers.

Implementing TimeTap to coordinate complex scheduling tasks

Before switching to TimeTap in 2020, the 18-person team at Plasticity Centers relied on spreadsheets, Microsoft Bookings, and handwritten notes to coordinate their patient appointments.

By using TimeTap, their Technology Coordinator was able to design and customize a calendar for every kind of appointment. TimeTap provides an extensive array of customizable features to fit every client’s unique needs. The tool even provides an API to communicate with other third-party software.

“I can’t stop saying enough about the customizations, it’s so extensive,” says Hendricks. “We have TimeTap integrated with Salesforce and Outlook. Anything the scheduler puts into TimeTap automatically appears in both Salesforce and Outlook – each person can see what’s going on [on their own calendar] without going into TimeTap. It saves our front office staff so much time, having it one place and not having to write it down.”

Other timesaving features include a drag-and-drop calendar, which solved the problem of having to re-schedule doctors, technicians, rooms, and equipment separately if a patient was late or changed an appointment. Plasticity Centers also heavily uses TimeTap’s Repeating Appointments feature, which allows them to take a set of parameters, such as a specific doctor, technician and room, and copy that session into multiple time slots. This allows staff to easily book one patient for repeat sessions.

The result

TimeTap’s flexibility and software integrations not only improved scheduling in one office but helped scale as Plasticity Centers opened more locations.

“We’re integrating with a lot of software, and not all of them have been smooth implementations,” said Hendricks. “With TimeTap, everything has been straightforward and easily accomplished.”

Plasticity Centers now has 3 locations. They hope to continue their expansion in the future and are now confident that TimeTap’s scheduling system will continue to support their team and save them so much time.

TimeTap is proud to empower the work of companies like Plasticity Centers by automating processes and providing smart tools that help streamline operations.

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