Meet the TimeTap Team

The Crew that’s building & perfecting your automated web scheduler

Small but Mighty

While we don’t typically get to meet our users face-to-face, we still think it’s a good idea that you know who you’re working with and what we’re all about. We’re a small but mighty team that loves working on scheduling challenges.

Addy Kapur:  TimeTap scheduling team
Addy Kapur

Addy calls himself a whiskey Connoisseur. I don't think you can call yourself a connoisseur while drinking out of a bottle. Addy is also our Apple fanboy - Macbook, iPad, iPhone - print anything with an Apple logo and Addy will buy it. When he is not working, he helps his son beat the pigs in Angry Birds.

Elvis Merino:  TimeTap scheduling team
Elvis Merino

Elvis enjoys spending time with friends and trying out new restaurants. He also enjoys listening to music whether it’s anything from Johnny Cash to Reggae. He is a big fan of movies (his favorite is Children of Men). His favorite quote comes from a piece of unsigned graffiti: “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started I was desperately wishing to be where I am now.”

Rashida Moore: Customer Success Specialist
Rashida Moore

Rashida is an NC native with a love for music. She enjoys the arts and culture scene in Charlotte and is always on the hunt for the best tacos in the city. When she's not tackling your scheduling needs, she's off exploring, visiting friends and family in fun cities across the country. Catch her if you can!

Natalie Barton: Customer Success Specialist
Natalie Barton

Born and raised in Miami, Natalie loves cooking and dancing off the calories from all of her Pinterest-experiments. When she isn't working to make TimeTap work best for you, she can be found hanging out and road tripping with her crazy, loud and very loving Cuban and Argentinean family and friends.

Meaghan O'Reilly: Customer Success Specialist
Meaghan O'Reilly

Originally from NY but have declared the Queen City home. Any music that prompts a shoulder shrug or toe tap is more than alright by me. My hobbies include playing golf, hanging out with friends and spontaneous trips to HomeGoods. I also have a personal mission to find an Irish Pub in CLT to call my own.

Ayush Patel: Mobile App Developer
Ayush Patel

The avid music lover, food enthusiast, serious serioholic- has to binge watch all shows and movies the day they release but most of all a technophile. He loves understanding technology, playing around with gadgets and that’s his motivation for coding. He enjoys taking on challenges, finding creative ways to solve problems and possesses the love for resolving the minutest bugs in the code. He may be a little lazy but is always loyal to his work and studies. And yes, he’s a sleepy-head!

Joel Kearney: Technical Writer & Support
Joel Kearney

Joel grew up in a few different places, but calls NC home for now. A lover of the arts, from drama to painting to music to poetry, he is always trying to see more of the beauty that is all around us all. When he isn't busy documenting APIs he can usually be found with his loving, beautiful girlfriend either relaxing at home or seeing the world.

Lucy Barber: TimeTap scheduling team
Lucy Barber

Lucy enjoys little details but has a bad habit of indecision when it comes to the small things in life. Some would say she has too many notebooks, pens, hair products, lotions, & coffee cups. Her favorite activity is Pints & Paths where she and a bunch of rascals get together to drink beer & discuss universal things.

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