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Whether you have a general question or are having a scheduling melt down, our team is here and ready to help.

Have your cake & eat it too

Have you ever baked a cake without any measuring utensils? You gather your ingredients & have a general idea of what you want, but without the measuring cups, you’ve got a slim chance of getting it there. When finding a software to help power your business, the support team is your measuring utensils.

If the support is good, it will help you get your full cake baked with some beautiful icing and maybe even some figurines on top. If it’s bad, however, you’ll find yourself poking around, wasting time, and ultimately coming out with a cake that looks like the last one chosen at any given cakewalk.

We want you to have the best online booking system of any of your competitors and to use it as much as you want. That’s our support team’s mission and we aim to help you get there in the following ways:

Providing quick, knowledgeable support (our average response time is less than 3 hours)

Anticipating your scheduling challenges & helping you to avoid them

Talking you through different options for meeting your scheduling goals

Being transparent about our company & any issues that were caused from our side

Constantly collecting user feedback to improve your experience

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Get help with in-app messaging

Available by phone, email, & in-app messaging

We know we’ve said that TimeTap is easy to use and that it has all these features, but what if you're having a having a hard time managing how to use our software such as trying to figure something out or make customizations?

This happens to everybody & it’s nice to know you’ve got a kind, supportive team standing beside you to help you reach your goals. We’re available Monday - Friday, 9am - 7pm US/Eastern to answer questions. Just reach out to us through our contact page or through the in-app support portal.

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Friendly and quick support that you can depend on

Friendly Support you can trust

Technology has shifted our culture in unpredictable ways over the last 20 years.

Now, instead of zipping down to your local bookstore, you may find yourself heading to Amazon. Instead of leaving a voicemail with your doctor’s nurse, you may be messaging them directly. Instead of renting a hotel room, you may find yourself in the spare bedroom of someone you just met.

Based on these changes, our concept of trust has shifted. We look for ratings and reviews to ease our concerns about purchasing products. The other thing to look at is what kind of team you’ll work with & whether or not you can trust them, even though you may never actually meet them.

Can you trust us? We think so, but don't take our word for it. Check out our reviews:

Betsy Hauser commends our easy to use scheduling system

At Tech Talent South, we've used several different methods of scheduling to set up potential student interviews and we haven't been thrilled with any of them until TimeTap. We believe TimeTap has allowed us to schedule students with greater ease and ultimately resulted in more timely admissions for qualified candidates.

The white labeling (our logo / TTS branded page) has also added additional professionalism to our process. However, the main reason we love TimeTap is the customer service. The TimeTap team is professional, friendly, and most importantly - incredibly responsive.

Betsy Idilbi - Cofounder at Tech Talent South
Carla Vaughn applauds the efficiency of online scheduling

This app has not only organized my business, it's organized my life! It is my virtual personal assistance. I cannot say enough good things about this software.

The scheduler eliminates (a) countless emails and phone conversations between me and my Clients to try to sync our calendars for an agreed meeting time; (b) it allows me to describe and define the time frame for meetings and services; and (c) it gives Clients an easy means see my availability and schedule an appointment that fits into their schedule.

Carla Vaughn - Owner at Vaughn Marie & Associates LLC
Marc Ellis commends our helpful and prompt support

TimeTap gives my customers the ability to schedule appointments with me without having to get me on the phone. I can't over-state how much of a differentiator this is for my business. No longer are they waiting for a return call from me if I'm on a project or with another customer. And that TimeTap gives me all the appointment details right in my calendar in near real-time.

I would also add that support from TimeTap has exceeded my expectations. They have been responsive and accurate with their support, and even made suggestions on how to improve my customers experience. Overall, exceptional product and great support.

Marc Ellis - Owner at Marc Ellis Media
Frequently asked questions for our appointment system

Support FAQs...

Our support team offers live phone support to our TimeTap Plus & Pro user base at (406) 233-9797 between 9am - 7pm Eastern Monday - Friday. We also monitor our in-app messaging system & emails during that time and try to get a response back within 3 hours (often much faster). We keep an eye on our emails and messaging portal over the weekend and will respond to any urgent requests on the same day.

All of our users can take advantage of our in-app messaging system or our [email protected] email address to get fast answers to any of your questions. Our TimeTap Plus and TimeTap Pro users can also call our support line anytime between 9am - 7pm Eastern Monday - Friday at (406) 233-9797. We are a small team and may be on the other line when you call. If you don’t get an answer, leave a message and we’ll give you a call back asap.

Our support team will answer whatever questions you send our way (so long as you aren’t asking us what to name your first child). We will also take a look at some of your other settings while we are answering your question to see if there’s anything else that could be changed or tweaked to improve your scheduling experience.

We sure do! You can look at our documentation site here or navigate to it by going to the Help Docs link from within the TimeTap app. Our documentation site covers a lot of frequently asked questions and goes in depth on all of our different features. If you are more of the self-starter type when it comes to trying new things, this is a great place for you to look.

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