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Disclaimer forms to protect your business

Does my business really need a disclaimer form?

If your business runs any risk of a client becoming injured, you absolutely need disclaimer forms to protect you from any potential lawsuits. If you run an adventure travel company that takes clients out rock climbing & white-water rafting, having the necessary waivers & disclaimer forms in place is crucial to protect your business from any unexpected disasters.

Imagine you run a tourism company that specializes in taking clients on tours of historic old buildings. You know that there is a chance that one of the tourists you are guiding could step through a weak point in a staircase, thereby twisting or even spraining their ankle. You are thus presented with two choices:

1: Take your chances that none of the staircases have any weak points, or

2: Get your customers to sign a waiver stating that your business isn’t responsible for any injuries caused by the buildings being toured, just in case.

If one of the buildings has structural problems unbeknownst to you, and a door frame falls on a client, this choice could mean the difference between just getting some negative PR and having your funds completely wiped out dealing with the ensuing lawsuits!

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Since the shape our disclaimer forms take is determined entirely by you, you’re free to include whatever kinds of questions you want. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about the clientele your business attracts!

Include questions about personal preferences

Our forms feature is ideal for getting info about what a customer wants done up front. If you manage a hair salon, think about how much time you could save if your customers had a quick form to fill out about how they want their hair treated instead of having to spend time discussing it at the time of their appointment.

Include questions about citizen status

If your business attracts primarily foreign customers, having staff members who are fluent in their primary language can go a long ways towards making them feel at home. One of our clients is currently using our forms to send out to candidates they are screening in order to gather info about their H1B and visa statuses before bringing them in for interviews.

Include questions about sensitive subjects

You can also use our forms as a place to ask questions about any areas of concern your clients may have before they come in for an appointment. No more awkward exchanges having to ask a patient just how they got that thumbtack in there! Simply put space on the form for them to describe any problems they are having, and always go into your appointments fully informed.


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Protect your business from legal entanglements

More and more businesses are requiring parents to sign a form of some sort before their children are allowed to engage in certain activities. From the business’ perspective, it makes perfect sense. The risk of a lawsuit is too great not to have some sort of liability protection in place.

Having a central location to keep all of the forms your business uses - timestamped and saved on the client’s record, available for you to reference at any time - provides a great way for you to protect your legal interests.

Whether it be a disclaimer form for a parent to sign before their son can see a therapist or a parental consent form required for a daughter to open her first checking account, our forms feature has you covered.

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