Get Paid for Appointments in Advance with Cayan

Reduce your no show rate and increase your bottom line

Take Payments for Appointments Easily with Cayan

Collect client's credit card information and store it to make payments in the future simple
Easily collect payments for appointments with

Cayan lets you quickly capture a client's credit card information to store on their profile. Whenever they come in you can quickly pull the card on file and charge them through Cayan for their appointment or additional charges they incurred during their visit.

Would you prefer to charge them up front? No problem. You can easily collect payment in full for your services at the time of booking or enter a deposit amount that the client has to pay to secure their scheduled time.

Charge now or later

With Cayan, you can collect clients credit cards at the time of booking and either charge them immediately or if they are a no show for their appointment time.

Manage Invoices with Ease

TimeTap's intuitive and streamlined invoicing system will allow you to quickly download or send out invoices to clients to collect future payments or send receipts.

Make paying for appointments simple!

Cayan integration included with any 30 day free trial! No credit card required. Sign Up Free