5 Signs Your Business Needs to Upgrade Its Scheduling Solution

5 Signs Your Business Needs to Upgrade Its Scheduling Solution

Steven Borders

There is a saying, “Use the right tool for the right job.” This is true in so many settings - including when you are using an appointment scheduling tool. There are many appointment scheduling tools out there; however, many of those tools are simple scheduling sites that are best suited for the individual or entrepreneur. If you are a larger organization, or have multiple staff, or just need a fairly customized appointment booking solution, then these tools are not right for you.

TimeTap is a powerful and robust appointment scheduling solution that is geared towards those who need a customized solution that can scale across an entire organization. So, if you have been using an appointment booking site that feels fairly limited, it’s likely that you need to upgrade to a more powerful tool that is packed with features to meet your needs. Check out these five frequent signs that it’s time to upgrade your appointment scheduling solution.

You need to track customer history

Say you’re using an appointment booking tool as a service provider. At times, it can be useful to view a client’s appointment history, forms they’ve completed and any notes about the customer or their previous appointments. If your scheduling tool doesn’t automatically create customer profiles, this is not an option.

With TimeTap, any time someone books an appointment with you, the software creates a customer profile and inserts the information gathered from the appointment fields. You can edit this information and even make notes on the customer profile.

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Any information that is gathered when they schedule an appointment is automatically loaded into their profile history. You can view all your customers and their profile information.

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You need to add custom fields to the booking form

Most appointment scheduling tools only give you basic form fields for booking appointments. However, what if you need to gather additional information from the client about the upcoming appointment? For example, if you are a salon, you might want to know in advance what services the client is booking. With our customizable booking forms, you can select and even create custom fields for clients and prospects to complete when scheduling their appointment. This way, if the salon client is coming to get their nails done, you’ll know in advance what services the client wants.

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You can customize the fields to meet your needs. This is helpful because all customer information is saved for reference, so you can run reports to see every client that, say, had their hair dyed or how many bridal clients you served in the past month.

Our system allows you to create and customize scheduling form fields and the formats for those fields. This way, your appointment scheduling can simultaneously serve as an intake form, so that you don’t have to manually enter this information or have the customer complete any forms once they arrive for the appointment.

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You need to combine multiple staff calendars into one booking page

If your organization has multiple staff, such as a doctor’s office or any service provider, you need a tool that combines each staff member’s schedule into a single appointment booking page. This way, the customer can select who they wish to schedule an appointment with as a part of the process.

That said, our tool is so versatile that you can also set up the scheduler so that a patient or customer first selects the date of an appointment and then is shown which staff are available for appointments at that time. These custom options allow you to tailor the scheduling flow in a manner that fits your business needs.

staff booking options

You need a waitlist feature

If you are scheduling a class or event, you probably don’t want to turn away potential customers. A waitlist is a helpful way to detect high demand for a class or service. This way, you can decide whether to increase the number of seats available in your class or to offer a second class.

The real power of our waitlist tool is that when someone cancels their appointment or seat in your class, our system will automatically generate a notification to those on the waiting list – giving others an opportunity to sign up. This way, you can ensure that your class remains full and that you maximize your revenue.

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You need better tracking and reporting

With our powerful data collection as a part of the appointment booking process, you can run a variety of reports to access the information you need. For example, you can run a report for all completed appointments for every staff member on the account, run a report of your invoices or people on a waitlist for a class.

There are a number of options for running reports which gives you a powerful tool for growing your business. You can use this data to start email campaigns to new clients or to clients who haven’t booked an appointment in a while. Our reporting gives powerful functionality that many organizations need in their appointment scheduling tool.

These and many other features make TimeTap the go-to tool for powerful and customizable appointment scheduling. Try a free trial today or book a demo with one of our specialists to see all the features and customizations available in our scheduling tool.

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