Partnering with to Provide Appointment Scheduling Software

Partnering with to Provide Appointment Scheduling Software

TimeTap Team

As an appointment scheduling software, we are always looking for more ways to help streamline the appointment scheduling process. This is especially true for our healthcare providers because of the great need for creating a smart and automated process for patient booking. One of the ways that we do this is by increasing collaboration with other companies. That is why we have chosen to partner with helps the telemedicine industry by offering a simple and convenient means for clinicians to connect with their patients remotely. Their app provides doctors with personal URLs to be given out to their patients. Once a patient clicks on a link, they are welcomed into a private waiting room. believes everyone should have access to care through telemedicine. That’s why they have set out to change the healthcare industry by creating a software that provides greater access to health professionals. TimeTap is excited to partner with as this integration will provide a valuable means for scheduling online virtual appointments with health care providers. does not offer a way for patients to schedule appointments with their doctors. However, TimeTap provides a first-class scheduling system that is perfect for healthcare industry providers and practices. Our software is HIPAA compliant and meets all the needed security requirements for healthcare providers. This is why our software is a popular choice among many healthcare practices.

Popular Booking Features for Healthcare Include:

  • Online custom booking forms
  • Appointment screening questions
  • Automated text and email messaging
  • Client management tools
  • API integrations with third party software
  • Custom security agreements with providers

TimeTap is a popular scheduling tool for a variety of healthcare related practices. Our powerful scheduling features are designed to automate the patient booking process - helping reduce administrative related task and costs. Additionally, our software is fully customizable and can be configured to meet your needs as it solves complex scheduling problems. Our software is the most Enterprise ready software in the industry.

In recognition of our we are offering a 10% discount on our plans to all subscribers. To activate, contact our support team at [email protected] and mention the discount.

When you use TimeTap, you can be confident that it can scale with your organization’s needs while keeping your patient information secure and private. Join many other healthcare organizations that rely on TimeTap to simplify and streamline their appointment booking process.

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